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Kathy is a wonderful realtor.

No problems faze her.We thought we'd given her a difficult property to sell but we sailed through. Here and there were little glitches but she always has a solution and she always does it with great optimism. I think it is all about her decades of experience. She's seen everything. It is such a pleasure to work with her. Betsey Dyer

Betsy Dexter Dyer

kudos to Kathy HASENJAEGER .

sHE KNOWS EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW AND DOES IT ALL. As I no longer live in walpole she did all the little extras involved jn getting to closing for me and kept in touch nearly every day.

Bonnie Matthews

Kathy H.

was the best possible agent we could have hoped for, to sell our house lot. She strived to get the best price and kept us well informed throughout the process. She has many years of experience and that was important to this sale which had a few complicated aspects. All went very smoothly with Kathy.

Betsey Dyer

She was great!



We felt that Kathy would move forward with diligence and knowledge of our goals, and keep out best interests in mind.

She performed with excellence and was always there with strategic advice. Great working with her, and I would recommend her to anyone!


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